So Girl Ninja and I had a family meeting last night. We do this every so often so we can catch each other up on life happenings, this time in regard to our finances. We sat down in front of the computer, looked over our budgets to check our spending, and logged in to Mint.

Turns out, we’ve been on a bit of a spending spree as of late. What’s done is done. We can’t really go back and un-spend, so we’ve decided to try something new next month. Goodbye spending spree. Hello spending fast.

This is going to be new territory for me. In fact, I even wrote a post once called “No spend challenges are for wussies” a year and a half ago. How the times have changed.

The only way we can mitigate our recent spending binge is by being more judicious in our spending decisions next month.

For Every Lavish Dinner, Do a Cereal Dinner

This doesn’t mean we won’t eat out at all, nor will stop driving our cars to save a little more dough. Instead, if we eat out with friends one night, we’ll do a cereal dinner the following. We’ll drive the SUV a little less (mpg’s in those things suck…haha). I’ll work some overtime. We’ll entertain ourselves by going to parks, throwing the frisbee, and working out together.

The Bottom Line

It’s all about the checks and balances my friend, and hopefully, with these corrections, we’ll be sitting pretty come this time next month. We’ve identified a concern and are actively working towards a solution. If that’s not considered sexy I don’t know what is!

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