A personal budget is important in financial planning but setting up an effective budget is tricky for many people. Creating an effective budget is beneficial to you regardless of who you are and what you are trying to achieve.

Here are 6 tips for you to help you set up your plans straight. Let’s get started!

1. Set goals

Formulating personal goals is the first thing to do before creating a budget. Having targets can motivate you to cut unnecessary costs and figure out what you want to achieve.

2. Draw up the budget

Create the budget starting with your income and put all your relevant expenses such as a mortgage, loans, car expenses, student loans, utility bills, etc.

Once you’ve done that, set a fixed amount for your goals and how much you want to save each month!

So now your complete budget should have three sections: weekly/monthly expenditures, forward-thinking funds for your goals (wishes/dreams), and fixed savings.

3. Have a target amount you want to save per month

When you have a set target each month, it makes it super easy to save money. As opposed to the whatever-I-can-save attitude.

4. Track your spending

Track your weekly or monthly expenses by writing them down. Know which area you highly spend in and which areas may need more spending (investment or saving).

5. Cut unnecessary spending

Categorize your expenses according to importance. Select all the expenses of high priority and cut off unnecessary spending. Spend less and save more!

There are many things we spend money on but can live comfortably without them. Find out what those are and cut them out if you can.

6. Lastly, keep on reviewing the budget

Reviewing the budget regularly makes it all the more effective! You’ll know how well or badly you are/have been doing. You’ll figure out if you need to make any amends to the previously planned budget.

If you figure out you aren’t meeting the three preset sections in your budget comfortably, it might be a good indicator to make a change.

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