I’m glad to say I survived my 20 hour journey from Germany to Seattle. While I was waiting at the airport in Frankfurt, I heard an Airlines staff member announce the business class had not sold out and that they had seats available for those that wanted to upgrade from economy class. The price: $99.

When I heard the announcement I thought about the pros and cons of taking the upgrade for my 9 hour flight…

After much deliberation I decided that I like my money too much and would rough it with the simpletons in economy class. When I told my mom about my refusal to pay the $99 for an upgrade she laughed in my face, and then she beat me mercilessly. She thought the upgrade was too good to pass up. I, however, thought it was an unnecessary expense. For me, Frugality>Comfort.

Would you have paid for the upgrade? What’s your most recent frugal move?

p.s. I’ll be spending $400 on tires for my car today… join me in a moment of silence as we think about all of the George Washingtons that will sacrifice themselves today. You’ll be forever missed.


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