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One of the more common characteristics amongst fiscally responsible individuals is frugality, the innate desire to be thrifty. While some take this to an extreme (I’m talking to you, extreme couponers), I like to consider myself moderately frugal. There are some things I will always spend a little more money on; electronics, deodorant, and cereal to name a few. Likewise, there are a million things I will always cheap out on. Here are a few of those things.

Fancy Clothes. Nordstrom Rack and Ross are my best friends when it comes to any type of business apparel. I can’t believe people will pay $300+ for a pair of dress shoes. Do they really feel $250 better than my shoes? Me thinks not. I’ll never spend more than $20 for a tie, $40 for pants or a dress shirt. My outfit might not be as expensive as yours, but it looks just as good.

Beauty. I totally cheap out on the shampoo I use. I’m rocking a $0.99 cent bottle of V05 that should last me about six months (love short hair). I understand for a girl you might need some high quality shampoo/condition, but when my hair is less than a quarter-inch long I’m not price, not perfection.

Movies. Girl Ninja and I have been together for six years. During that time, I’ve taken her to three movies (Shrek 3, Taken, and Tangled). She would probably like me to take her to the theater every couple of months, but I just can’t bring myself to spend $12 to watch a movie I probably won’t like that much. I’ll wait for it to come out on Netflix. Admittedly, This kinda makes me a sucky husband.

Cable. We are spoiled now because our rent includes cable/internet in the bill. But you better believe if I had an option to have save $50/month by canceling cable I would do it in a heartbeat. In San Diego, Girl Ninja and I had an antenna that picked up about 12 channels and it worked like a gem. Cable is cool, but with the internetz, most things are online within just a few days of air time.

Drinks. I buy one liquid and one liquid only, Milk. As much as I love me some Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Apple Juice, Lemonade, and Arnold Palmer I never buy the stuff. I can’t justify paying for a drink that a) costs me more than filtered tap water, and b) is pretty terrible for my health. I love you Dr. Pepper, but until you are free, I’m afraid we can’t be BFFs. Oh and it doesn’t hurt that I naturally hate the taste of alcohol and coffee. That’s a big cost cutter right there.

I shall end my list there, but believe me, I could go on for days. DAYS! What are some things you always cheap out on? Where are you most frugal? Anyone out there Uber-frugal and do things like reuse zip-lock bags and hang used paper towels to dry?


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