At first glance I likely appear to be obsessed with making money and growing our wealth. That’s half-true. While there is no denying I enjoy projectile vomiting money in to our savings account each month, I don’t do it for the reason you may think.

I don’t need, or want, to be rich. Then why are we saving/investing over 50% of our income each month you ask? Check it…

We don’t want money to hinder us from being awesome at life.

This is no different from the reason we eat relatively healthy and exercise frequently; we don’t want our health to limit our quality of life.

You ever heard of a morbidly obese person climbing Mt. Everest? Have you seen someone with maxed out credit cards and a low-income purchase a $20,000 used car with cash? No, you haven’t.

I could care less how much debt you have or how much you make. I only care about how you answer this question; Are you happy?

It’s taken five years, but I can say without a shadow of doubt, I am. My worth is not wrapped up in how much I have, but in how I live my life. Do you think people will remember me for owning a huge house or dying with a few million in the bank? Heck no. But they might remember me for sending some high school kids to summer camp. Or perhaps for creating a silly blog that inspired a person or two to get their finances in order.

I don’t suspect my grandchildren will recognize the name Warren Buffet when they are adults, but they will likely know the name Martin Luther King Jr.

Are you happy? Is your financial situation preventing you from achieving your goals?

p.s. We will be on NBC today (Steve Harvey Show). You can check here for local listing times. I’ll try to post video of it in the next few days for those that can’t record it.

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