Girl Ninja and I were at Young Life (a quasi youth group) last night with our high schoolers and we made an impromptu trip to Dairy Queen with some of them afterwards. As we walked in we were welcomed to the most glorious news ever, “Blizzards were buy one get the second for $0.99.” Are you freakin kidding me!?

I professed to the entire DQ restaurant, which only consisted of our Young Life kids, that Blizzards were on the Ninja household. The kids didn’t know what to do. At first they thought we were joking. Then they thought we were crazy. And then they realized we just wanted to do something nice for them. High school kids love desert and they love free stuff. Only cost us $18, but meant the world to these kids (some of whom had no money on them).

That my friends is the best part about being debt free. Wait, scratch that. You don’t have to be debt free to do a good deed. Let’s try this again…

That my friends is the best part about having your finances in order and a little extra cash flow. Remember, being generous doesn’t require thousands of dollars, or having a huge net worth. No, all one must do is see an opportunity to do something nice, and take advantage of said opportunity. It’s really that simple.

I’m challenging you to use $18 for good this week. Leave a huge tip after a meal. Pay for someone’s groceries when you are checking out. Just do something sporadic and fun for no other reason than you can. It’s good for the soul.


On a side note, I tweeted the following picture yesterday and people seemed to get a kick out of it. Apparently, my wife is addicted to pillows as I am in awe of the amount of pillows we have to put on and take off the bed every day. Check it….

Apparently people think it’s weird that we sleep on a full-sized mattress. What, you don’t think my 6’2 frame fits? Haha, can’t WAIT for a queen (or king) one day!

p.s. favorite nails from yesterday…. No Time To Explain and You Mean To Tell Me

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