It’s homecoming week here for the local high school. I don’t know if your school was like mine, but during homecoming week each school day had a theme. One day you’d wear school colors, another a funny hat, or a costume, or my personal favorite….matching day. I’d always dress up to match my best friend….who was black….yeah it was awesome! Even though Girl Ninja is a kindergarten teacher, it seems her school is also joining in on spirit week. That’s right, they’re matching….

…..her 403B contributions that is. HA! How about that for a PF tie in?

For the first time ever, Girl Ninja will be directly contributing to her very own retirement plan (we are also in the process of starting up a Roth for her). She gets paid biweekly and will be socking away 5% of her gross income each pay period – which gets fully matched by her school.

She was so cute when she came home to tell me about it. She sat down, all professional like at the table, with a packet of information about her various investing options. She was talking to me about how her schools financial adviser recommended that she be relatively aggressive in her investments since she is only 24. I couldn’t help but smile. For the first time in our marriage, Girl Ninja was actually excited to talk about retirement! I think I fell in love with her all over again during that conversation 🙂

Anywhoozle, included in her financial packet was a worksheet designed to help assess how risky (or conservative) she should be with her investments. Check it…..

As you can see. Girl Ninja, on her own volition ended up ranking in the most aggressive category (makes me so proud). Here’s how the form recommends GN invest based on her “aggressive” assessment…

Not sure yet if we will follow their guidance 100%, but we’ll likely end up doing something close to it. I’m so stoked for Girl Ninja to start her 403B. I’m already making a list of all the things I’m going to buy with her retirement income; a boat, skis, new car, and of course… a unicorn 🙂

Where do you rank according to the first chart? Were you surprised by the results? Would you follow the recommended investing strategy on the second form? Why is saving for retirement such a turn on….meow.

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