Hello Blogging World. Girl Ninja in the house.

Today marks the beginning of my new employment.  Ninja has graciously hired me as Punch Debt In The Face’s first employee.  I’m stating it in the beginning, all income I generate goes directly to my savings account Nordstrom spending account.  Thank you in advance.

In all seriousness, Ninja has begged me to be a staff writer for the summer while I’m on break. I’m not exactly excited about being titled a “blogger” (I still think Ninja is a bit dorky for being one), but after months of begging, I finally gave in and decided I could donate some time and give my two cents on living in the Ninja household.  In addition to Ninja’s daily posts, I will be trying to write about twice a week.

I’ll be looking for some good inspiration in these posts, so please feel free to question away for topics and areas of interest.  Ninja is sitting next to me trying to tell me what to write…and I’ll tell you this now, that’s not how it’s goin’ down. It will be uncensored Girl Ninja opinion in all my posts 🙂 You may hear my take on shopping, decorating, moving, teaching, and even the exciting life of being married to a debt-punching ninja.

So here goes….we’ll start it off with a little friendly competition. Ninja just showed me his “105 comments” blog post. Can we beat him?!  Share the love please!

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