First off…thank you for proving me the better blogging half (big thanks to Bruce Bucks, I loved the dedication) by now having the most commented PDITF post of all time. Second…Happy Fourth of July… two days late. Third…now I can properly begin.

The other day, Ninja and I went to the greatest store on Earth, Nordstrom. As I shopped around, I was trying to conjure up some good arguments I could use to justify my upcoming purchases. It got me thinking…if I shop right, my money can get me more than just the item itself. I knew this was one argument Ninja couldn’t trump. Let me explain.

Example 1: Customer Service

I have had my eyes on a pair of shoes for a while, but haven’t seen them at any Seattle stores. Upon talking with the salesperson, within 4 minutes, I had a pair of the shoes I wanted in a different color to ensure I knew my size, as well as an IPad in hand to scan through my color options. It gets better. MY shoes, in MY size in MY color choice (which aren’t in any stores nearby) are being shipped right to my doorstep, free of any shipping charges. .

Nordstrom’s customer service is no joke. I love them.

Example 2: Quality

Everyone loves a sale, a good deal, or even a knock-off here or there.  BUT, I am a victim of Target fever.  Love their clothes when I try them on in the store, love their price, love the outfit….the first few times I wear it. Then, seasons change, and suddenly it’s color is a little more faded, a few threads are popping out, and the shape didn’t hold up in the wash.  It is now well on it’s way out of my closet, and I’m on my way back to the mall.  I have learned my lesson, spending more is not always a bad thing.

Example 3: Life span

WIn my car right now, I have 5 pairs of sunglasses.  Not all are wearable, and most have scratches, are stretched, or are even broken.  I’ve always been an advocate of $10 sunglasses as they typically break right when I’m getting bored with them, leaving me with a great reason to buy a new pair.  BUT, my plan was not as awesome as I thought.  It’s not easy to always find sunglasses I love. Enter, Ninja.  On our San Fran trip, he convinced me to pay more (surprising, right?!), to get more.  I bit the bullet and bought expensive sunglasses that I LOVE.

I keep them safe in a case, I wear them ALL the time, and I have no doubt these will have a longer life span than any other $10 pair I’ve bought before.  No more “throw away” glasses for this girl.

Example 4: Give Back

There are some awesome companies out there that sell items that give back.  For every pair of TOMS shoes sold, a pair of new shoes is given to a child in need.  When Ninja bought me a Krochet Kids beanie (he’s preparing me for a transition from SD winter to Seattle winter), his money went to support a company that empowers African women to become small business owners and change their community.  I love to give, and how cool is it that there are ways to give with cash I would have spent anyways?!?!

Sometimes, Ninja’s frugality gets the best of him (and me too), but hopefully this post will serve as a reminder that value trumps price.  What do you spend more on? Do you know any awesome companies that give back with their proceeds? What are your feelings about stores that sell cheap things (price and quality) AKA Forever 21?

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