I was out and about in Seattle yesterday when lunch time came. I decided to treat myself to Dick’s Drive In (the Seattle equivalent of In-N-Out). In true mom-and-pop fashion, Dick’s is a cash only joint.

As I was waiting in line to order my standard Deluxe cheeseburger, fry, and strawberry shake, I overheard the old lady in front of me ask the cashier if she was able purchase two Deluxe burgers for $6.

The cashier gave her devastating news and informed her that the after-tax the total would be $6.60.

Gramma was about to be denied double deluxes. 

This made me very sad for her.

I mean how cute that a 70-year-old woman was out for lunch by herself and wanted to indulge in two of the best burgers in town. How depressing that $0.60 was keeping her from living her Monday afternoon dream.

Ninja to the rescue. 

As she was looking at the menu trying to contemplate a new order, I intervened and gave her a light tap on the shoulder and said,

“Ma’am, I would love help you along on your burger journey by giving you this dollar.” 

Homegirl must have really wanted those two burgers ’cause she didn’t even bat an eye as she gladly accepted my donation. She gave me the $0.40 change that was tendered, thanked me, and went on her merry little way.

I like to think that I am responsible for two things in this situation…

1) A random act of kindness.

2) Helping raise her cholesterol level to dangerous amounts.

 Moral of the story: You don’t have to be wealthy to lend a helping hand. All it took in this situation was a $0.60 to help brighten someone’s day.

Have you brightened someone’s day lately, or had your day brightened by someone?

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