Sit back and enjoy the ride. I’ve twisted Girl Ninja’s arm enough to get her to write a blog post for y’all today. Hope you enjoy 😉

When our realtor called to tell us they accepted our offer, I felt a little bit like Lindsey Lohan in the movie Freaky Friday; when she woke up and looked in the mirror to realize she was in her mother’s body.  WHAT DO WE DO NOW?!

Throughout my life, people repeatedly remind me, “When you know, you will know”.  They said it when I looking at colleges, they said it when I was trying to figure out if I wanted to marry Ninja, and they said it as we were searching for a house.  When I know, I will know.

Well….I didn’t.

College and marriage both ended up AMAZING.  And deep in my heart, I know that buying this house will as well.  But, one thing I have learned after 26 years of life, is that I Won’t know when I will know.

Financial security feels great.  Working hard, saving hard, and seeing those numbers grow provides a sense of security.  It has allowed us to live comfortably, and do things we are passionate about (give, share, travel, shop the Nordstrom sales…).  Buying a house though? I didn’t realize how UNPASSIONATE (is that a word? … if not it should be) about that idea I was until we got that phone call 24 hours after stepping foot in the house.  Now, I’m not playing the drama card when I say unpassionate– I thought that I was supposed to be ear-to-ear smiles and unable to contain my joy and excitement.  Instead, every single hesitation, doubt and concern I had, grew to the size of Mt. Everest.

It felt like everything was changing. 

I would be driving a different route to and from school (making my 10 minute commute, now 25), going to different shopping centers/grocery stores, and I’m now twice as far away from my High School Young Life girls.   I don’t know the neighbors.  Having our offer accepted made me feel like I just ruined my life.

Then, Ninja reminded me how moving into our current place, I wasn’t all that excited either. I didn’t like how far away it felt from the city, and although our cabinets and counters were new, they weren’t styled to my taste. However, I have learned to love SO much about our rental.  I love walking to the water one mile away, I love living across the street from one of my Young Life girls, I love walking to the middle school track to workout.   I’ve realized that I am a slow mover to fall in love with something– and when I do — I will only leave kicking and screaming.

What I have learned, is that THIS IS NOT THE END.  This might be the house we see ourselves in for now, but reality is we are in our twenties.  I don’t NEED to know what type of house will be best for us when we have kids.  Does it really matter that much if ONE ROOM in the house is a little dark?  Am I really expecting perfection?  It was time to give myself (correction: it was time for my mom, husband, and friends to give me) a reality check.

What I DO know, is that THIS IS THE BEGINNING.  Together, I get to learn with Ninja how to manage home ownership.  We get to make transformations, realize things we would have done or should have done differently, enjoy the great things, and learn along the way. My fear is turning to excitement 🙂

Ninja’s Comments: Leave her lots of love below so we can get her to write more often this summer!!!!

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