Although I make a decent second income from PDITF, it’s not nearly as life-changing as it could be. If I really wanted to make money blogging I would start SEOing the bejeezus out of my posts and spamming you with credit card offers. But since I like you guys too darn much, I guess I need to find another way to bring home the bacon – multiple income streams, ideally.

I’m Planning to Start a Business

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about starting a business. What business, did you ask? I have no freakin’ clue, but I do know said business must a) cost very little to start, b) have virtually no overhead, c) make me money, d) involve the internet, and e) probably involve a partnership with another individual.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no desire (at least at this point) to become full-time self-employed. I kind of like working for someone else, knowing when and how much I’ll be paid each month is comforting. So I guess, I should add another requirement of my To Be Determined business; it must take up a small enough amount of time that I can maintain full-time regular employment.

Why Am I Thinking This Way?

I feel like this is a particularly good time in my life to explore alternative business ventures for a few reasons…

  1.  I don’t have kids and I have enough “free” time that I could put my energy into something that makes us money.
  2.  I really like the idea of going from DINKs to TRINKS.
  3. We have a bunch of cash sitting in the bank earning a measly 1% interest, time to do something with it.
  4. I like taking calculated/thought-through risks.
  5. I’m a freakin’ Ninja and I do what I want (if I get permission from my wife first…haha).

I wish I had more to say, but until I can get a better handle on exactly what avenue I want to take, I’ll just keep twiddling my thumbs, envying those of you who make a ton of money via successful business ventures. Okay, time to go punch jealousy in the face.

So What Do You Think?

Does anyone want to start a business with me (50/50)? Have you ever thought about starting your own business? What keeps you from doing it? Do any wildly successful business owners here have any tips/tricks/insights for me?

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