There was a time when human’s needs
were very simple. If you were hungry, you will look for food. It doesn’t matter
if it is freshly hunted from the forest or wild berries growing at your feet.
If it is edible and does not kill you immediately, then it is good for the
body. Water can be drunk from any fresh water spring that you can find with
little fear of contamination or disease. Shelter can be made from varying
materials that you can get from your surroundings. As long as it can protect
you from others or the elements, then it has already served its purpose.
However, as humans we have also evolved and along with this our needs also

We are now living in a society where we need to pay for what we want. It is not inherently a bad thing; after all, it helped regulate the limited resources that we have here on Earth. Commercialism has also paved the way for civilizations to thrive and survive. Merchants were needed to supply materials and items that may not be common in the land. If it weren’t for businesses, how would society survive or even thrive? It promoted the order that was introduced by the government, and it helped maintain peace in many lands of the world.

However for businesses to work, an
exchange should happen. Barter was once the only way to legally trade from one
person to another. This is the literal exchange of materials or items for an
equivalent one. Usually these happen between two nations, as some products may
not be available to others. When the idea for the coin was introduced, it
became easier to transact as you are already provided the exact amount you need
for a purchase. This need for ease and speed of transactions led the way for
paper bills and credit cards to be developed in the later years.

Sadly, this currency system is not perfect. One of the main disadvantages of the current way we use money is very evident when we travel. We need to convert our own money into the local cash so that we can actually use it. This can take time and lead to your delays in your daily schedule. Credit cards sort of dealt with this dilemma, as you can now use your card anywhere in the world. You do not need to convert anything anymore. However, there are a lot of credit card scammers these days so you need to be careful where you send your money. Read more on how you can get scammed on the internet and how to avoid it.

The need for a more secure and
accessible currency has reached its peak here in the 21st century. As most
businesses are now moving into online platforms, online payments are also a
necessity. Not everybody wants to post their credit card information online, so
they look for another solution. Cryptocurrencies are not new in the scene, but
they are becoming an alternative solution for payment.

is cryptocurrency, you may ask
? It is a currency that is similar to your dollars and pounds, but it is
completely digital. It works outside of the banking system, which makes your
transactions harder to track therefore making it so more secure. Pertinent data
can be found in a centralized ledger in which you need to record yours once you
enter in a transaction. However, there are no names in the ledger: all you can
see are codes. The security works in a two-way system: you need to have a pass
code in order to send and receive payment.

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies in the world right now, which is why it can be difficult to know which one to trust. Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum are widely used but Ripple is becoming one of the best of the bunch. It has first been used as a way to make online transactions and payments easier and more affordable. As they using the XRP, it became one of the largest coins by value. You can even check the current real time value of Ripple or XRP online.

As with any kind of online
transactions, make sure that you are securing yourself and your personal
information. Cryptocurrencies can help you with this, and you can use any of
them for your transactions. Invest wisely and you may even increase your own

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